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June 6, 2013
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in case you get confused please read the description
Germany X Reader
Forever Young
Reader’s POV

I had never seen it coming. My friend for 20 years and boyfriend for 3, Ludwig, decided to take me to (favorite restaurant) with everyone, and I mean everyone. Both the Allies and the Axis and many other friends came. Everyone had grudges against one and another but they got over that for me because I was their friend.
“Everyone can I get your attention” my German boyfriend said with a commanding tone. I could see everyone wiggle with excitement. They knew what was going on, unlike me.

Ludwig slowly got up, then slowly down on one knee. “My dear beloved (y/n), we have known each other for a long time, and neither of us could have ever guessed this day would come. But now that it has, I’m glad it did. I love our relationship and you just the way you are, but there is just one thing I want to change about you; what you wear on your left ring finger. Will you…” he pulled out a small diamond ring in a small pale green box, “…marry me?”

I stood there in shock for a while. I could see a worried look start to appear on his face. A warm tear trailed down my face, followed by many others, staining my cheeks. A smile bloomed on my face and I quickly shook my head yes. “yes…” I whispered.

I could see the worry leave as my new fiancé’s face as it loosened. Everyone started cheering and congratulating us.  “I promise to love you forever…”

That was the only thing I could think of as I lie on my death bed. I had just been shot by my friend Alfred. I knew this would be the price when I joined the Axis. The war sprouted not long before the wedding was supposed to take place so we had to postpone it. Then I had a choice, five of my best friends or two of my best friends and my fiancé. I choose to Axis Powers so that I could protect my Ludwig.

That’s what I had just done. I jump in front of a shot that would have killed Ludwig instantly. Alfred stared at me in shock of what he had just done. He had just sent his best friend to meet the devil. I only had a few moments before I departed.

Ludwig rushed to my side and slowly peeled my body off the sticky, red mess I had left on the ground. “ (y/n)…(Y/N)! Come on soldier! Please don’t leave me!” I could see his tears wipe the dirt off his face. They slowly hit my face… drop… drop… drop…

I brought my hand up to wipe away his tears with the last of my strength. “shhhhhhhhhhh…” I hummed.

“We promised we would love each other forever!” he whined

“Just because I’m gone doesn’t mean you’ll stop loving me, right?” he shook his head yes. “Then I promise I will wait for the day you join me. Just promise me one thing.”

“Anything for you my love.”

“Live. Don’t let my sacrifice go to waste. Finish this war any way you have to. Don’t let anyone else die. Then live your life.” I smiled at him.

I noticed Alfred had started walk back to his camp, grenade in hand. He pulled the safety pin.

I looked back at my Ludwig. You both knew what he had just done. He looked back at me. “I-I promise…”

I smiled. It was time. I felt peaceful and happy knowing Ludwig was the last thing I ever saw.

Germany’s POV

I vas able to establish a peace treaty between ze Allies and ze Axis Powers but not before many lives vere taken. Among these many lives vere Kiku, Alfred, Francis, and vorst of all, (y/n). Ve vere able to have formal funerals for them all. For her funeral, ve dressed (y/n) in her to be vedding dress.

I had gotten her an air tight crypt. I hugged Feliciano for the first time in a long time as ve vatch them carry her in. “…bella…” he said vizout the usual ring in his voice. He vas crying, and so vas I.

I valked into ze crypt vith two of ze men vho take care of ze graveyard.

“Come out whenever you are ready and we will seal the crypt.” Vhen I nodded my head, ze two men valked outside und guarded ze door.

I looked at ze corpse. She vas beautiful, even in death.

“You have achieved vhat many have been looking for, eternal beauty and eternal youth. Zey never realized vhat the price of it is. But you, you have achieved it, vizout even trying. I could come back in a day und you vould still be 25 und beautiful. Or I could come back vhen I’m 100 und you vould still be 25 und beautiful. You vill never age again. As I grow old and change, you will be the same. I hope you vill still recognize me. Though… you promised you vill vait, so I know you vill. Good bye. No. Good bye is vhat people say to those vho the vill never see again. How about see you later. Yes, see you later my love. My dear love, (y/n). I can’t vait to see you. Until zen I have a promise to keep.”

I valked out of the crypt. Zen I saw ze men I nodded at zem. They nodded back and i vatched zem seal the crypt. After, I valked home, staring at ze sky feeling as if (y/n) vas staring back smiling. For once in a long time I smiled.

Third Person!!!

Feliciano watched as they pried open the crypt. It was hard to think that it had been almost 65 years since they buried (y/n). After her funeral Ludwig had called him for help. With his help Ludwig jumped back on his feet. Though he never married, Ludwig lived life to the fullest, with his best Italian friend by his side. Now (y/n) could keep her end of the promise.

Feliciano followed the two men who carried his friend down into the crypt. They set Ludwig down next to (y/n). They then proceeded to exit the crypt and guard the door.

Ludwig wore what would have been his wedding tuxedo. He would miss his friend dearly but trying to keep him here any longer would have been selfish. He was with his love now and Feliciano was glad.

He looked at (y/n). She looked the same as she did when she passed. She was untouched by anything, except death. “oh, Bella~ I hope you two found-a each other~”

He turned to leave the crypt when he almost collided with another man. Feliciano looked at the man to realize it was Arthur.  Feliciano would have run if his old body would have let him. Anyways the old man didn’t look much better. It was hard to think that these two were the last living Allies or Axis soldiers.
“W-what are you-a doing here?”

“I wanted to see the face that cause my little brother to kill himself, and this was my last chance” he stared at the lifeless body that used to be his friend. She was as beautiful as he remembered. Feliciano took what would be his last look ever at his friends.

“I’m-a sorry.”

“Me too.”

The two old men walk out of the crypt, heads down. They watched as they sealed the crypt for the last time.

When Feliciano look up he knew the two had met again. He just knew it. He smiled.

“Would you like-a to have dinner with-a my wife and I?” Feliciano asked.

The British man looked at his former enemy shocked. Then he slowly eased into a smile. “Yes. That would be lovely.”
okay, so basically i wanted to say that beauty can come everywhere, even from death. Once as someone dies they never age again and under the right circumstances, forever beautiful. Or as you saw in the last scene, kindness or friendship sprouted from the deaths. I don't know this just came to mind while I was in history. I don't even remember how, but we started talking about death and how you never age after death. That's why a lot of celebrities can be considered forever young and beautiful. Once they die you will never know what they would have looked like if they had lived longer, whether it be a minute longer or a whole life time. they will be remembered as they were forever.…
Hetalia :iconhimaruyaplz:
You :iconsexygermanyplz:
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